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A New Home

Purusha a posted Mar 25, 14
Time to setting in on Korgath, and get used to seeing more green nameplates.

First Heroic Down.

Dathorian a posted Mar 11, 14
We managed to take down Heroic Protectors a short while back.  Good job everyone and keep up the good work.

Garrosh down.

Dathorian a posted Jan 27, 14
Completed siege of ogrimaar this week by finishing off Garrosh.  Nice work everyone.
Made some good progress last week downing Thok, Siegecrafter, & Paragons.  Next up is Garrosh and then onward to heroics.
Downed a couple more bosses last week and found out how much it hurts to have a giant dinosaur step on us.  Good job all & keep up the good work.
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