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You people are weird.
We are brd, and we are so awesome that we are enough :sick:
Who the hell is here?

Tough Boss

Dathorian a posted Nov 13, 14

The expansion starts out with a pretty tough boss.

Update: got thru the 2200 person queue in approx. 4.25 hrs, slightly ahead of the 37.5 hr estimated time it showed at the max, unfortunately the queue boss did not drop any epic lootz

Correction: thought I got in, but immediately disconnected before the loading bar completed, this boss just wont fall, anyways, sleep time, try this again tomorrow

The Countdown is On!

Dathorian a posted Nov 1, 14

As our brief vacation to await new content winds down to a close, it is time to resume normal operations and recruit a few more members to take advantage of the new difficulty settings & flexibility of raid sizes.

Draenor here we come!


A New Home

Purusha a posted Mar 25, 14
Time to setting in on Korgath, and get used to seeing more green nameplates.

First Heroic Down.

Dathorian a posted Mar 11, 14
We managed to take down Heroic Protectors a short while back.  Good job everyone and keep up the good work.

Garrosh down.

Dathorian a posted Jan 27, 14
Completed siege of ogrimaar this week by finishing off Garrosh.  Nice work everyone.
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